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 Aimee Muha, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Aimee Muha

Student Relations (St John's Wood)

As a young child, I watched many martial arts films (Bruce Lee was an all-time favourite). The action scenes had my heart racing! I used to beg my mother to let me enrol in a martial arts class and after many years of convincing I was finally enrolled into Karate. I learnt valuable lessons and discipline, boundaries were pushed, and it was a test of self-perseverance and hard work.

Moving across the World in 2020, there was not much room or time to find a Dojo to train in. After a long period away, in 2023 I found Meiji Martial Arts, where I decided to try Krav Maga with Master Mark. The energy and the friendliness of the Dojo were incomparable, and I have been attached to it ever since. I hope to broaden my scope within martial arts in the future.

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