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Meiji Martial Arts Ethics and Values

At Meiji Martial Arts, we have a clear and easy-to-understand set of principles, driven by our ethical positioning, and creating our ongoing policies.

The Dojo is a special place, where mutual respect is the underlying principle at all times. As human beings, we are all equal, and the only distinction we make between us is the belts we earn, as a positive mark of individual achievement. The respect we have for our instructors (our Senseis and Sempais) is equally matched by their respect for all Students. We have a zero tolerance of swearing, bullying, racism and dishonesty.

Our Workforce

The people who work for us are selected fundamentally for their character. Of course there are qualifications to consider, but only after their assessment as a person. We look for honour, respect, diversity, inclusiveness, humanity and humility. We return that with fair pay, good conditions of employment, open dialogue, and involvement in Dojo & business decisions. Our maxim is that the best pathway to 100% customer satisfaction is 100% staff satisfaction.

Ecology & Supply Chains

We will only contract with suppliers who share the same principles and code of ethics as us. This applies to the environment and the production of goods and services. Those shared principles include manufacturing transparency, pollution control, ecological waste disposal, sustainability, no child labour, and compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

The Law

We stay up-to-date and abide at all times by English Law. We expect the same from our staff, our students, and our suppliers.