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 Kieran Lowe, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Kieran Lowe


Kieran has been in healthcare for over 20 years, working with a range of active and occupational patients. He is a keen sportsman and has been involved with football, dance, martial arts, climbing and endurance sports from an early age.

As an Osteopath and Sports Rehabilitator, Kieran is well placed to manage a range of injuries, whether traumatic or caused by overuse.

"The key to a great recovery is understanding what has caused the issue in the first place. The onset of pain or injury is a bit like a recipe - it has a number of ingredients contributing to the outcome. Our job is to look at the whole of your body and explore all those ingredients, so we can get you back on track."

Kieran is Clinic Director of Active Osteopath, managing a team of therapists at 3 clinics in London. The nearest one to Meiji Kickboxing is his Swiss Cottage clinic in the Better leisure centre.

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