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Sempai Radha Castellino Dominguez, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Sempai Radha Castellino Dominguez

Black Belt

When I was 9 years old I was fidgety, awkward and a little chubby. I had tried a few sports but found them generally uninteresting and difficult. I have always felt a lot of pressure to be the best at everything I do. At kickboxing, I felt no pressure, finishing every class feeling empowered and satisfied, even though I was a bit ungainly.

Sensei Denise inspired me, and her team have always made me feel safe. I never felt clumsy or useless as I did with other sports. They taught me values (self-control, discipline, hard work) and the self-confidence I gained has positively impacted many areas of my life.

I am currently doing my GCSEs as well as several extra-curricular activities. Kickboxing gives me a safe space to forget any stress, to unwind and refocus in a safe environment, leaving my problems at the door.

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