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Sempai Mayan Zucker, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Sempai Mayan Zucker

Junior Instructor Belt

After moving to London at the age of 4 from Tel Aviv, I was quickly swept into the world of sports. Over the years, having tried a variety of sports such as gymnastics, netball and competitive swimming, I found myself unsatisfied in terms of my progress, happiness and health. At the age of 15, I was introduced to the world of kickboxing. It changed my perspective on everything that came my way. It gave me the confidence and discipline that I needed in my everyday life to grow as a person both inside and out.

Now, after completing my A-levels in Fine Art, Fashion and Photography, I've moved forward in my education and been accepted to study an art foundation as a pre-university course through the 'University of the Arts London'. Over the next year or two, I hope to proceed to a degree course in Fine Art on the human body.

My enthusiasm for kickboxing has fed into my understanding of how the human body works, both physically and mentally, and helped me to create art and designs that portray my view on the world's rights and wrongs, the beauty of our functioning bodies and of life itself.

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