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Sempai Lucas Szaniecki, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Sempai Lucas Szaniecki

Brown Belt

I began kickboxing at 11 as a chubby, sensitive boy with no confidence at all. I thought Meiji would be able to teach me similar stuff to karate kid - you know wax on, wax off. To my surprise, I was completely wrong but I'm insanely glad I was.

Not only has the Meiji team taught me how to believe in myself, but I have also been honoured to be a part of a loving community who have supported my journey throughout. Kickboxing has taught me how to relieve stress and wind down whilst learning a crucial skill.

I am on brown belt at the moment and going for my black belt in June 2022. Outside of Meiji, I am currently taking my GCSEs, which include music, drama, history, French as well as all the other compulsory subjects. I have begun choosing my A- levels and have decided to take: music technology, psychology, and business. I hope to pursue my lifelong passion for music in the next two years and become a professional music producer.

My other passion, for kickboxing, has helped me change my mindset for the better and to always see a world of joy and love. It has also enabled me to develop a perseverance I haven't experienced before. These are new qualities I have been able to implement in the real world.

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