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Sensei James Guerrero, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Sensei James Guerrero

2nd Dan

Born and raised in London, Sensei James started his kickboxing journey at the age of 4.

His love for the sport began to flourish whilst at secondary school when he was faced with the challenges of being bullied over his weight and height. This was a particularly difficult time for him, and it was with the support of his martial arts family and the confidence that the discipline and adjustment of mind brings that aided his growth, development and true sense of self.

He was so dedicated that he was awarded his black belt and encouraged to begin teaching at the age of 15, and this was the beginning of his passion for teaching.

Sensei James says "There is nothing more rewarding than being a part of someone else's development".

James Guerrero

His commitment and dedication were such that he was awarded his first Dan at 17, and encouraged to participate in several competitions, which led to his 2nd Dan at the age of 19.

Under the mentorship and guidance of Sensei Denise, his perception of life transformed, and he has learned that true and enduring success will always be built upon a solid team and community foundation.

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