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Teenage Programme (DoE)

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Our Teenage Programme for young people correlates directly with The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

It covers both the Physical and Skills sections as well as the Volunteer sections under the Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for the DofE. We can also assist students with the photo evidence of their activity required for achieving their DofE.

Meiji Martial Arts provides a child's early steps towards acquiring confidence and competence. They learn how to handle themselves, how to deter a bully by effective use of voice and assertive body language. We not only teach students how to defend themselves, however, but also imbue important life skills. These are based on martial arts ancient values such as discipline, self-control, respect, courtesy and commitment.

The curriculum enables students to monitor their development as they progress through the belt grading system.

Close up of the Meiji M logo on the gate outside the Temple Fortune Dojo

"You and your Senseis nurture a community that is fantastically inclusive, welcoming, hardworking and ambitious for each member. My child feels that his regular practice with you has boosted his confidence and skills, and it's so lovely for us to see him feeling strong about himself and & a sense of belonging to something good ie you!!!

Just wanted to share that because Meiji is marvelous!"

Ali Gurfinkle

"Martial Arts is not about fighting; it's about building character."

Bo Bennett

"Martial Arts does not teach you how to fight, it teaches you why not to."

Lakshva Bhardway

Two Meiji Kickboxing instructors sparring wihtin the St. John's Wood Dojo

They can get a free trial

We already have a number of pupils from schools in the area training with us and would like to encourage more. We offer a free trial class designed to give students a taste of Meiji Martial Arts.

See for yourself - a free demonstration on your premises

You can arrange a convenient date and time for us to come in and stage a comprehensive demonstration. It will also give us the chance to discuss Meiji Martial Arts and The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in more detail.

For more information on how Meiji Martial Arts can greatly improve child development, please email us at or call us on (+44) 0207 586 5880 if you prefer.

Key Mantras

  • The more I practise, the greater the results
  • When I do difficult things, they cease to be difficult
  • The more I learn, the more there is to learn
  • I will enjoy everything and expect nothing
  • My mistakes make me wiser and stronger
  • My time is precious, I will use it productively
  • Each goal is just a stepping-stone to the next
  • Working hard is a joy, not a chore
  • I will stay focused on where I'm going and what I'm doing

Building your Brain muscle.

Sleep is good:
Get plenty of it.
It's how you recharge your batteries.

Healthy food is good:
It's the fuel for mental development

Water is good:
Drink plenty of it.
It lubricates your system.

Proper exercise is not mechanical, it connects you with the rhythms of life.

  • Develops a positive, forward-looking attitude
  • Maintains and strengthens your mental health
  • Secures your independence
  • Makes you self-aware and gives you self-respect
  • Provides a pathway to personal growth
  • Makes you flow like water when you spar