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Temple Fortune Timetables

At the Meiji Martial Arts Temple Fortune dojo we have air conditioning, air extract and fresh air supply equipment to keep you safe and your body temperature under control.

Our Martial Arts Classes

Kickboxing Timetable

Meiji Martial Arts offers four catagories of kickboxing classes for students aged 4+:

Beginner Classes

These introduce you to the techniques and benefits of Meiji Martial Arts. You will learn how to look after yourself, in a safe, professional environment. As well as seeing your self-confidence grow, your fitness will improve, you'll get stronger, more flexible, better co-ordinated and self-disciplined.

Intermediate / Senior Classes

Beginner classes will have taught you that you don't have limitations. You can go as far as your ambition wants to take you. You’ll be amongst the Senior Grades, working on your stamina, your speed, more fluid movements, more focus and refinement of your punching, kicking and combination techniques.

Brown / Black-belt Classes

This is what you've been working towards from the very beginning. Now you've arrived in a more serious place, and eyes will be upon you to demonstrate you can do everything superbly well. We'll show you how to combine grace with power, as you refine your punching and kicking, pre-arranged sparring techniques, sweeps, form fighting, combinations, and the pressure of consecutive opponents. More than anything, however, you'll have so much fun, and your sense of achievement will know no bounds.

Teenager and Children's Classes

Who says these are the difficult years? We specialise in working with young people. Once they trust you, they're more receptive to learning respect, self-respect and self-confidence than other age groups more set in their ways. They have a Champions Programme specially designed for them, and the tailored classes give many of them skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Jiu-Jitsu Timetable

Meiji Martial Arts offers four catagories of Jiu-Jitsu classes for students aged 5+:

Beginner - white belt
Advance - Blue belt and above
Mixed Adults - All grades
No Gi - Advance grades

Krav Maga Timetable

Meiji Martial Arts offers Krav Maga classes for students aged 15+:

Krav Maga is a relatively new discipline, a military self-defence and combat art which was developed for the Israeli security forces.

Derived from a combination of techniques from boxing, wrestling, judo and karate, Krav Maga is becoming increasingly popular as a very simple but effective martial art for both men and women.

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