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Sensei Joshua Rees Ivey, Meiji Martial Arts Instructor

Sensei Joshua Rees Ivey

1st Dan

I came to London in 2015 to begin a professional career in the West End and internationally as a dancer and choreographer. With a background of gymnastics, break dancing and hip hop styles, movement is something that came naturally to me.

I always had an interest and underlying passion for martial arts and I was fortunate enough to find the right avenue to express this passion when I met Sensei Denise Bailey. She and the team pushed me way beyond what I ever thought I was capable of, which led to me competing successfully over the last few years. I consider myself fortunate, privileged and proud to be part of the Meiji Kickboxing team. Every day I look forward to what we can achieve together and I enjoy seeing growth and progress in our Students and Instructors.

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